Tribune requested viewers what the American flag usually means to them immediately after Black Life Subject Utah said it was a image of detest

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Black Lives Make a difference Utah opened a social media hornet’s nest when its founder Lex Scott not long ago claimed the American flag was a loathe image for the reason that significantly-appropriate and white supremacist groups marched with the flag or employed it as a rallying image.

We asked our visitors whether or not they considered the American flag a divisive symbol. Much more than 500 people responded to our non-scientific poll.

The responses were being just about evenly break up.

Fifty-two p.c of those people who replied explained the stars and stripes are not divisive, even though 48% reported they are.

We also asked what kinds of flags readers fly, possibly at their residences, areas of business or somewhere else. A bulk of those people who answered stated either the American flag or Pleasure flag.

Flags celebrating either the University of Utah or Brigham Younger College are also shown but largely on video game days.

A number of people today claimed they screen a Black life matter banner. Scattered amid the responses were being a couple of flags symbolizing other countries (Canada, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Welch), and even the Soviet battle flag.

1 of our visitors in depth a wicked feeling of humor, telling us the Jolly Roger is the flag of decision on Pioneer Day.

A single respondent explained to us they use flags to make a political assertion, but not as one particular would hope.

“I fly the flag of any country that is courageous ample to resist domination by the U.S. empire: Bolivia, Cuba, Vietnam, Palestine and quite a few other people. I guidance any flag that honors the wrestle of oppressed peoples versus imperialism. Extra than any other, I see the passions of the doing work, oppressed and lousy folks of the U.S (the the vast majority) and the world represented by a red flag — for socialism,” they wrote.

The flag’s indicating

We also asked audience what the American flag suggests to them. The most repeated responses ended up “freedom” or “liberty.” But a few available other views.

“I have become progressively hesitant to fly it for the reason that of the rising association with the much proper and loathe groups,” just one reader wrote.

“It’s the symbol of our country, on cloth. It is a assemble. I largely like my place but some issues have to make improvements to, and shortly,” an additional mentioned.

A lot more responses

“I would like to consider it back to indicate that it belongs to absolutely everyone in this nation. I would like it to characterize the UNITED States of America, not the divided states that Trump and all other appropriate-wing individuals seem to be to want it to symbolize.”

“It made use of to experience inspiring to me. Even so, as I have realized extra about our heritage it has come to characterize both of those a great deal of superior and a ton of bad for me. Also, the nationalism involved with the flag is problematic, in my opinion.”

“The ideal for individuals like Lex Scott to make an absolute fool out of herself.”

“To me, the American flag signifies the unity of the American persons and the shared hope that we, as a country, can stay up to our highest beliefs. At the major of that listing is the proposition that ‘all guys are designed equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable legal rights, that between these are everyday living, liberty, and the pursuit of contentment.’ It saddens me to see the American flag come to be a partisan and divisive symbol.”

“As an LDS missionary, I lived in a state which does not share our identical freedoms, most notably independence of speech as is assured to us. That is what I believe about when I see my flag in the front lawn every single day.”

“I fly the flag only on nationwide vacations. It is a symbol of my respect for individuals who died for our freedoms. I fly a assistance-issued flag, and I a great deal like the yellow fringe due to the fact the fringe is offensive to several ideal-wing nuts.”

“So numerous persons in our history have sacrificed so much so ALL of us can dwell in an incredible place the place all are free of charge to specific their view. The American flag is the Correct symbol that represents freedom.”

“As of correct now, when I see the flag, I see bigotry, hypocrisy, and oppression.”

“It signifies the beliefs of liberty and justice which we do well significantly of the time, but significantly much too generally fall short.”

“The flag signifies the unity we CAN achieve if we consider. Trump and lesser followers have taken the flag and supplied it the stain of lies, loathe, and distrust. They have soiled it with the concept that they can steal independence and they can somehow symbolize the increased quantity of us that are willing to go ahead, acknowledge our follies, make amends, and master from our mistakes to make a much better, more best union.”

“The flag has modified during the many years. It represents the Structure and the American government. Issues that have by no means been great but that we as people today can alter to make it superior. Saying the American flag is a image of racism and hatred will just change people today off to these ideologies, the boy who cried wolf is now the team that cried racism. Building persons pick sides is how conflicts commence, not comprehension.”

“I believe the American flag is a symbol of our much better angels of liberty and equality but it has been usurped by much appropriate groups in atrocious approaches. It feels at situations like the American flag has replaced the Accomplice flag with these teams and everybody ought to be appalled by that.”

“Freedom, liberty, and justice for all men and women, no matter of race, political view, religion, and so on. I can see how some may perhaps see it as divisive. But if all protesters, not just the correct-wing nuts employed it, it would not develop into divisive. The flag is only divisive if people today decide on to see it that way.”

“Its a symbol of democracy and enlightenment values. What would make it significantly compelling, is that it not only tells a story of our record (in all its complexity), but the direction we are headed. The flag, like every single U.S. citizen, is full of probable inspite of some of the evident inconsistencies and in some conditions contradictions.”

“The flag suggests we really like The us and all the legal rights and freedoms we ALL appreciate in The united states. The flag is our symbol of justice and chance. People today should really accept that we have bigger life and chances than any other place on earth. If you want to make any variations you are Free to go through proper channels and make those people changes.”