Harrell Opinions the Taurus-Rossi Circuit Choose 45/410 Revolving Rifle

Russ Chastain   07.20.20 Again about a decade ago when Taurus/Rossi brought out its Circuit Decide rifle,…

Russ Chastain   07.20.20

Again about a decade ago when Taurus/Rossi brought out its Circuit Decide rifle, it genuinely turned me on. I signify, not enough to go out and obtain 1, but for some rationale I’ve been enamored of rifles with revolving cylinders for as very long as I can try to remember. Heck, I like them so significantly that the really to start with new gun I at any time acquired was a Uberti black powder revolver, featured in an short article on 5 black powder guns that imply a whole lot to me, and which I applied to consider a buck as associated in an article termed “The Cap and Ball Buck.”

So anyway, back again to the Circuit Decide, which is a rifle with a revolving cylinder, created to hearth 45 Colt (no, it’s not “long colt”) cartridges and/or 410 shotgun shells. Paul Harrell not long ago posted a online video in which he check & evaluations the ol’ CJ.

Though you can safely hearth 2-1/2″ and 3″ 410 shells in the CJ, it has a rifled barrel.

Paul begins out with an accuracy take a look at at 25 yards with 45 Colt ammo. He’s stunned to find that the most-common bullet excess weight for 45 Colt ammo (250 grains) does not group really effectively from his rifle.

With 410 slugs, he discovers that a smoothbore 410 shotgun shoots his flavor of slugs (Winchester 1/5-ounce rifled slugs) much more correctly than the Rossi does. And to me, this can make perception — because he’s firing slugs which were intended to be fired by means of a smoothbore barrel. So this is not really a reasonable comparison, in my impression. When it will come to shotgun slugs, rifled bores frequently do superior with sabot slugs which in fact have interaction the rifling in the bore. Rifled slugs, on the other hand, have “rifling” molded into the slug itself and they are sized & shaped to complete ideal in a clean bore. So paul’s comparison right here is more or considerably less an “apples and oranges” state of affairs.

Following he moves on to buckshot, and he statements each and every shell incorporates 5 pellets, which is what Federal suggests about the 3″ 000 buckshot ammo he’s firing. But due to the fact each and every shot really brought on 3 hits on target, viewers may start out to ponder what form of slip-up has been created (and by whom). But then he demonstrates the change by shooting the very same ammo at the identical array with a smoothbore 410 shotgun. And this time, a few pictures make 15 impacts on target. Yikes!

Evidently, the Circuit Judge ain’t considerably when it arrives to capturing 410 ammo.

But hold out, there’s more! Now Paul deigns to stick to the guidance by altering the “choke tube” at the muzzle, installing the 1 with straight grooves that is intended to be applied with shotgun shells with shot payloads, which means buckshot or birdshot. That must have been in position all through all of the buckshot capturing, if you inquire me (which he did not).

Regrettably, the buckshot sample did not transform considerably with the “rotation stopper” screwed into the barrel. But with birdshot, it produced a big enhancement in how the scaled-down pellets sample.

Even extra sadly, the smoothbore 410 he works by using for comparison generates considerably improved outcomes. Sigh. My dreams of a revolving all the things-gun are withering.

Following, he compares velocity of Federal American Eagle 225-grain 45 Colt ammo from a Taurus Decide revolver with a 3″ barrel, then the Circuit Choose which has an 18.5-inch barrel.

Paul’s results? 812 FPS with the 3″ barrel and 1079 FPS with the 18.5″ barrel. Fairly great advancement.

Moving ideal along, we have that perennial most loved: The meat goal! He attacks this with Winchester Silvertip 225-grain JHP ammo at 5 yards. This is a great exam to demonstrate how velocity can drastically influence a bullet’s terminal overall performance the handgun doesn’t shoot them rapid adequate to produce excellent growth, but the rifle definitely does.

As for the real operation of the Circuit Choose by itself, Paul touches on some of that:

  • Escaping fuel from cylinder hole (not a dilemma)
  • Ejecting empty circumstances/shells (occasionally sucks)

Look at out the video clip and see if you concur with his benefits. Me? I’m likely going to have to remain Judge-less, specifically looking at the MSRP of $737.86.

What is your choose on it?