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In a nod to the Carnival celebrations that could or might not be developing this 7 days in Latin America’s premier place, we here at Guns.com glimpse at some of the much better-acknowledged Brazilian firearms. 


When Brazil is not the first place that comes to thoughts when you listen to the term “Mauser,” a superior case could be produced that the place was just one of the longest and most devoted people of this basic bolt-motion rifle. Commencing with the Product 1908, a 7x57mm-caliber DWM-manufactured Gew 98 just just before Environment War I, Rio ongoing acquiring German-designed rifles into the 1930s with the Mauser-created Model 1935. This gun was augmented by 100,500 current Design 1908/34s requested from Brno in Czechoslovakia and quantities of Model 1922 carbines from FN in Belgium. 

The Brazilian military applied Design 98 fashion rifles from Brno, DWM, FN, and Mauser as properly as producing them domestically, trying to keep them in front-line provider for in excess of 60 decades. Total with a exclusive nationwide crest on the receiver, a amount of these are in the arms of American collectors. 

Transferring to roll their own, Brazil established the Itajubá manufacturing unit in 1934 especially to make Mausers, which they chambered in .30-06, dubbed the complicated Product 1908/34.30. The place ongoing manufacturing domestic ’98 type Mausers as late as 1968, though generally restocking and refurbishing imported versions and variants are still made use of for teaching and ceremonial needs by the Brazilian military. 




Although the Brazilian army is switching to the IA2 rifle in 5.56 NATO, the common M964 in many variations – a aspect folding Para FAL MD1 demonstrated – is continue to extremely significantly in use (Image: IMBEL)

Testing the FN FAL in the 1950s and early 1960s, Brazil adopted the 7.62 NATO struggle rifle as the M964, placing the gun into certified regional manufacturing at the Itajubá arsenal which, immediately after 1975, was rechristened IMBEL.

The M964 is nonetheless in creation by IMBEL in quite a few formats and was exported to the U.S. in a sporting model with Springfield Armory bringing the semi-car-only variant as to start with the “pre-ban” SAR-48 and later the “publish-ban” thumbhole-stocked SAR-4800. Many IMBEL receivers and elements are floating about the U.S. as effectively. 

A good T-shirt from a Guns.com lover, who was a Brazilian military mountain infantryman in a former everyday living. 




Itajuba/IMBEL has been in the organization of making substantial-top quality M1911 clones in not only .45 ACP but also .380, 40 S&W, and 9mm. The enterprise presently lists them in standard, commander, and officer-lengths. When they have washed up on American shores entire with Exercito Brasileiro markings, they have also been thoroughly imported by Springfield Armory above the a long time. Glimpse for the IMBEL markings on the frame’s dust protect. 



The rationale Taurus PT 92s glimpse so significantly like Beretta 92s is that they are manufactured in a manufacturing facility the Italian enterprise at first proven in Brazil to make pistols for that country’s armed forces. This pre-beloved model is up for grabs in the Guns.com Vault. 

Beretta set up a manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo in the 1970s to satisfy a contract for Product 92 pistols for the Brazilian armed service. At the time the initial agreement was protected, the Italians bought the concern to Taurus in the early 1980s and that enterprise reopened the line to deliver the carefully modified PT-92. Given that then, the pistol has gone through generational adjustments and is frequently witnessed with Brazilian hardwood grips. It has also been marketed in .32 ACP (as the PT-57), .380 (PT-58), .40 S&W (PT-100), as perfectly as in distinct finishes and lengths. In production for virtually 40 decades, the PT-92 can be observed throughout the U.S. and has a name for dependability. 

Taurus Judge

The Decide series, which can use both .45 Colt or .410 shells, have a huge following. This 5-shot Judge General public Defender is available in the Guns.com Vault. 

Perhaps no other Brazilian gun has model recognition in the U.S. than the Decide sequence of revolvers presented by Taurus. Subsequent in the route of very similar wheel guns like the Thunder 5 and S&W Governor, Taurus released the Decide in 2006. With a cylinder intended to be utilised with possibly .45 Colt or .410 shot shells/slugs, the revolver has a whole lot of versatility and pretty much a cult following. 

Sure, there are other Brazilian-built guns out there, this kind of as the Stoeger Condor and the Rossi collection, but we have to conserve something for subsequent yr.

Banner photograph by way of Pixabay.